Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender

Configuring Belkin wireless router as an access point through the web-based setup page

If you have an extra Belkin router, you may want to utilize it to expand the range of your existing wireless network and eliminate dead spots. You can configure it as an access point and wire it to your network’s main router, disabling the former’s router capabilities in doing so.

Connecting computer to the router – Using an Ethernet cable, connect the computer to any of the numbered ports of the router that will be configured as an access point.

Initial Setup

To get started, you will need:

  • Your primary wireless router, its network name (SSID), and password. If it’s a dual-band router, please be sure you have both SSIDs and passwords.
  • A personal computer with a web browser
    • Step 1: Connect the cable to the Ethernet port on your PC, and then plug in the power supply
    • Step 2: Open a browser, visit http://Belkin.range, and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • Step 3: Once the Range Extender has successfully joined the wireless network, disconnect it from the PC, and unplug the power supply.
    • Step 4: Place the Range Extender in an area where you can still access your wireless network without problems, but close to the area where you want to establish your extended network.
    • Step 5: Plug in the power supply.
    • Step 6: Join your new extended wireless network.

If you are unable to access your router’s web-based setup page, reset your router. Resetting the router will make it go back to its default factory settings.

If you are still having hard time to settings it up you can get our expert advice or at tech who can help you to set the extender up, Dial 1-844-991-0441 or Email – support@belkinrangeextender.us